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If you live in Kenton, Ohio or the surrounding central Ohio area, we would love to be your veterinary hospital.  Our doctors and staff are committed to providing you with full service veterinary care for your dogs and cats. 

In operation since 1971, Oates Veterinary Clinic, Inc. welcomes both emergency cases as well as patients in need of routine medical, surgical, and dental care. Beyond medical care, our goal is to also make our clinic as comfortable, pet-friendly, family-friendly, and calm as possible.  We also offer a full service boarding and grooming facility and offer tours for anyone who is interested.

In addition to our medical services, we strongly believe in education: both for ourselves and also for our clients.  We are continually learning new techniques, in animal training and behavior, nutrition, and also in medicine and surgery.  We love to share our knowledge with clients because we believe that the family is providing the majority of the care, and they need to understand what is happening medically and why we are prescribing the medication.  Research on the internet is popular for many now and we don’t disagree that it can be a very useful tool.  We can help you find reputable sites with trusted veterinary information so that you can find the information you need.

We love the challenge of solving difficult cases not just for the pet but for the family as well.  If you require help with a sick pet then please contact us and let us schedule an appointment for a thorough examination.  Your pets’ health and well-being are of the utmost importance to us and we will work tirelessly to give your animals the care and attention they deserve.  Please review the many services we offer under Our Services .

Please contact us at (419) 673-0473 to schedule an appointment or tour of the hospital.  We are centrally located within 35 miles of Findlay, Lima, Lakeview, Bellefontaine, Marysville, Upper Sandusky and Marion, Ohio.  Travelling east on 67, we are 7 blocks from the Hardin County Courthouse and located next to the Kenton High School football field parking lot.

We sincerely look forward to meeting you and your pets!

Oates Veterinary Clinic, Inc. | 419-673-0473

715 East Columbus St.
Kenton, OH 43326

Caring For All Pets.

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Meet Our Staff

  • Dr.
    Carol Oates

    Dr. Carol Oates purchased this veterinary clinic from a local veterinarian, Dr. Curtis, in 1971 upon her graduation from The Ohio State University.  The hospital was much smaller at that time and has had two major expan

    sions throughout the years with the last one being in 1998.  Dr. Carol's husband, Gary, a local farmer with a degree in Dairy Science (OSU '67) helps to make sure everything is in proper working order at the clinic and more importantly manages the taxes and payroll.

    Carol is originally from Fairborn, Ohio (near the Dayton area) but has lived here in Kenton since 1971. She and Gary enjoy being in the great outdoors.  Carol has several hobbies, in particular, she enjoys harvesting maple syrup and tending her apiary (bee hives) with her sister, Linda.

  • Drs.
    Bill and Monica Decker

    Drs. Bill and Monica Decker began working here in 2006.  They were experienced veterinarians at the time and joined Carol initially only as relief veterinarians but later became


    associates. They live on a family farm in Marion County and commute to Hardin County each day.  Bill is a local Ohioan from Green Camp, Ohio and a graduate of OSU ('92) but Monica is from Selma, Alabama and attended Auburn University.  She graduated in 1998 with her DVM degree.  Dr. Bill and Dr. Monica are rarely here on the same days because they have two children ( Benjamin and Rachel), and one stays at home to manage the kids and the farm.  One of them is here almost everyday.

    They also have a yellow lab (Scout), four cats (Hannah, Eleanor, Steve and Binx), 1 rabbit, Dale, and two fish, Aubie and Lister.

    The family enjoys outside activities such as gardening, fishing, and camping.  Bill enjoys fixing things and is very mechanically gifted which comes in handy with three geriatric tractors at home.  Monica used to enjoy playing basketball, baseball and the trumpet.  Now she enjoys a nap! 

  • Dr.
    Natasha Weaver-Dyer

    Tash is the newest veterinarian to join our staff, having started in March 2017.  A native of Kenton, Tash with her husband, Shawn, their two young children, and cat, Archie, recently returned to the area.  Tash is a 2009 DVM graduate of OSU and has spent her first 8 years practicing large and small animal medicine and surgery. 

    She spends most of her time with her kids and helping out on the family farm.  Here she is caring for her daughter's lamb, Fuzzy (pictured left).  Tash also enjoys reading, singing, camping, and attending church functions.

  • Sara Hoenshel
    Clinic Manager

    Sara has been working at Oates Veterinary Clinic since 1993.  Sara works hard to keep us all in line and to make sure that the hospital is functioning efficiently.


    Sara is very creative and 'crafty' and designed the clinic's logo, illustrated a children's coloring book for the clinic, and helps with many different projects that we do here at the clinic.  

  • Grace Newland
    Office Manager

    Grace has been here since 2000 and has a degree in journalism from Ohio Northern University.  She lives with her husband, Nick, son, Dominic, and daughter, Faith. 

    The family has a dog, Suzie, five indoor kitties, and lots of barn cats.  In the picture on the right, she is holding one barn kitty, Cole, after he had a major salivary gland surgery.  RIP Cole...we miss you!

  • Miranda Main
    Certified Veterinary Technician

    Miranda is a 2010 graduate of Brown Mackie College where she earned a degree from the Veterinary Technology program.  She has been working at Oates Veterinary Clinic since



    She enjoys spending time with her family, her boyfriend, Keith,  her dog, Allie, and kitties (Yoda, Anakin, Squink and Ash).

    She enjoys powerlifting, bowling, jet skiing and fishing.

  • Kassie Hurt
    Veterinary Assistant

    Kassie is a 2001 graduate of Kenton High School and joined our staff in July of 2010.  She resides in Kenton with her husband, Keith, and three children, Lora, Logan, and Kylie.  She enjoys working outside and spending time with her family and their cat, Blue.

  • Brandy Van Hoose

    Brandy and her sons, Jonathon and Keith, love to do family activities such as snow tubing, playing video games and watching TV. 


    Brandy has been a great addition to our staff.  If your baby comes in for a 'Spa Day' then Brandy will have your baby looking and smelling great!

  • Brittney Castle
    Veterinary Assistant

    Brittney started working here in April of 2016.  She hopes to pursue a career in Veterinary Technology.

    Brittney has 2 chihuahuas (Jude and Killer) and several cats (Bella, Logan, Lydia, Zero).

    Brittney enjoys being outdoors; fishing and camping, playing softball, watching football and playing with her fur babies.

  • Michelle Long
    Veterinary Assistant

    Michelle is originally from Republic, Ohio and joined our practice in September 2019.  

    Michelle has three kids, Nahla, Aurora, and Lillith.  She lives on a farm with 7 horses, 3 dogs, 3 cats and a donkey.  

    In her little spare time, she enjoys writing and teaching horseback riding lessons to kids. Michelle is seen here holding her dog, Lucy.

  • Stephanie McElree
    Veterinary Assistant

    Stephanie grew up on a farm here in Hardin County and has always enjoyed working with animals.  She enjoys fishing, hunting, camping and generally being in the water.  

    She worked here for over a year before and recently rejoined our Oates Vet Family in June 2020.

    She has a kitty named Lacey Grace (AKA 'Grumpy').

  • Kailey Stover
    Veterinary Assistant

    Kailey is from the Harrod, Ohio area and graduated from Allen East in 2015.  She joined our practice in September 2020.

      Kailey has two dogs, a pug named 'Callum' and a pug mix named 'Otis'.  She has a chubby orange kitty named 'Simba'.

      Kailey enjoys hanging out with her fur babies and reading.

  • Allie Logas
    Veterinary Assistant

    Allie graduated in 2019 with an Associate's Degree from Valencia College (central Florida) in Studio Arts.

    She has a horse (Joe), cat (Kat), puppy (Casey), plus a rooster (Wayne), 8 chickens and 4 fish.

    Her hobbies are barrel racing, farming and drawing.  Allie moved to Ohio in 2020.

  • Duke Oates
    Canine Blood Donor and Veterinary Hero

    Duke is pretty chill but does love to check out the front office and run around a bit.  Duke is very food motivated and will ignore everything around him if treats are involved.

  • Gabriel
    Feline Blood Donor

    Gabriel is our feline blood donor and is spoiled rotten.  He is very mischievous but we love him very much!


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  • "I couldn't begin to say enough about Oates Veterinary Clinic. They are amazing in every way. The doctors and the staff are knowledgeable and really do love what they do. I wouldn't go anywhere else."
    Michelle B. - Kenton, OH

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